Which Halloween wall décor is best?

Walls are often overlooked when it comes to holiday decorating, but wall decorations actually get you a lot of bang for your buck. They’re often inexpensive, cover a lot of space and take up very little room in storage. There’s a lot of fun Halloween home décor out there, and adding creepy tapestries or cutouts to your walls will take your indoor Halloween decorations to the next level. 

These Duaiai Halloween Haunted House Creepy Portraits make for a fun, spooky display. 

What to know before you buy Halloween wall décor

Wall size 

Before buying decorations, measure the space that you wish to cover using a tape measure. Many wall decorations are available in a variety of sizes, and knowing your correct dimensions will help you select the size that’s right for your space. Some wall décor covers more ground than others. To really make a statement, choose a larger item that can serve as a focal point in your room. Some decorations come with multiple items in a set. These can be ideal if you have less open wall space and need to spread the decorations around the room. 

Other Halloween décor  

When choosing Halloween wall décor, think about the decorations you already have. If most of your decorations are fun and friendly, scarier decorations won’t blend well. If you aren’t sure which wall decorations will match best, black cutouts go with just about any style of decoration. You can find them in the shape of bats, crooked trees and gravestones. 

Scare factor 

Consider who will be in the spaces you’ve decorated for Halloween. If you have small children in your house, having an entire wall covered in a creepy tapestry could scare them. Look for happy and friendly-looking decorations. If you plan on putting out scarier items, show them to your kids as you decorate instead of surprising them, and make sure they know all the items are fake. 

What to look for in quality Halloween wall décor


Tapestries are a less common item found in indoor Halloween decorations; they’re large pieces of cloth that you can hang on a wall or across windows. They come in a variety of sizes, from the dimensions of a larger framed picture to the size of an entire wall. You can find them printed with fun Halloween scenes, like graveyards, haunted houses or jack-o’-lantern faces. 


Halloween cutouts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can find bright-colored pumpkins, cats, witches and candy corn. Colored cutouts often have a retro appearance styled after the 1950s. Black cutouts in the shape of bats are most popular, but there are black cutouts in any Halloween shape you can think of. 


Posters are a fun Halloween wall decoration. They come in all sizes and with a wide variety of images. You can find horror movie posters, retro sideshow flyers and simple posters that say, “Happy Halloween!” While relatively inexpensive, posters are easy to damage when you take them down at the end of the holiday, but if you’re careful, you can get several years of use out of them. 

Framed art

If you’re looking to add a high-quality item to your collection that will last for years, consider a Halloween-themed, framed piece of art. You can find paintings of Halloween scenes, like haunted houses and witches about their work.  


Wreaths aren’t only hung on your door. Halloween wreaths made of pumpkins or black feathers can be a fun piece of wall décor. A wreath can bring a lot of value to your collection of decorations but can be on the expensive side and take up a lot of storage space. 

How much you can expect to spend on Halloween wall décor

You can expect to pay $9-$20 for Halloween wall décor. If you want something really high-quality, like a painting or a wreath, expect to pay over $100. 

Halloween wall décor FAQ

What should I use to hang my Halloween wall décor?

A. Halloween wall décor often comes with the items you need to hang it. If not, you can use tape, nails or sticky wall hooks to hang your decorations. Be sure to check any instructions that come with your item for suggestions specific to that product. 

What Halloween wall décor is easiest to store? 

A. Wall décor that’s completely flat or folds will take up the least amount of space. Tapestries are great because they cover a lot of space when hanging but take up almost no room when stored. 

What’s the best Halloween wall décor to buy?

Top Halloween wall décor

Duaiai Halloween Haunted House Creepy Portraits

Duaiai Halloween Haunted House Creepy Portraits

What you need to know: This set of portrait posters makes for a creepy wall display. 

What you’ll love: The set comes with 12 different gothic portraits. Each has a border that makes the poster appear framed. They’re sturdy cardboard and laminated on both sides, and they’re easy to tape to your walls. 

What you should consider: Some customers have complained that the adhesive that comes with the pictures removes paint from the wall. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Halloween wall décor for the money

DIYASY Bats Wall Décor

DIYASY Bats Wall Décor

What you need to know: This set of bat cutouts will turn any wall into a fun Halloween display. 

What you’ll love: You can display these waterproof bats inside or outside. The wings fold upwards to create a 3D effect. The bats come in four different sizes, and there are 120 bats in the set. Adhesive tape is included. 

What you should consider: Arranging all 120 bats in your display can be a long process. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out 

OZMI Halloween Tapestry

OZMI Halloween Tapestry

What you need to know: This tapestry will turn an entire wall into a creepy graveyard scene. 

What you’ll love: The bats, grinning pumpkins and gravestones on the tapestry will give any room a spooky feel. It’s lightweight and easy to hang. It’s machine-washable or it can be dry cleaned. 

What you should consider: Some purchasers wished the fabric was thicker. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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