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Honoring a life of dignity and grace

When Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne, it was the nation’s first televised coronation. Her unwavering service lasted for seven remarkable decades. The queen’s exemplary life exuded a dignity and grace that was arguably unrivaled by any other monarch throughout history. Her passing has left a challenge for the world to carry on, following in her venerable footsteps.

The United Kingdom will honor the queen with a period of national mourning

From now until Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, the United Kingdom will mourn the loss with solemnity. During this period, the Union Jack will be flown at half-mast, government business will be suspended and King Charles will go on a tour across the United Kingdom to receive condolences. On the day of the funeral, public transport, television, businesses and more are expected to fall silent for a National Day of Mourning.

Other ways to honor the queen

You don’t have to be in the United Kingdom to honor Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. No matter where you live, you can honor the queen’s life in your own way. 

  • Support a cause: Whatever the queen meant to you, find a cause that expresses that and give of your time.
  • Make a donation to a nonprofit: Queen Elizabeth II was a patron of over 600 charities throughout her life. You might not have the means to be so generous, but you can start with just one.
  • Do something good: The queen believed the impact of small acts of goodness could be bigger than we imagine.
  • Create an event: If you’re part of an organization, you can create a memorial event that honors the queen year after year.
  • Make it personal: Purchasing an item that reminds you of the queen, her work or England can be your own personal way to remember and honor Her Majesty. 

Unique memorabilia that honors the queen

Electronics-The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II CD

The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II CD

Music is the closest thing to a time machine that we have. When you hear a certain song, it instantly transports you to a special time and place. Every time you listen to this recording of the BBC’s broadcast of the coronation service from Westminster Abbey, you can relive that historical moment. 

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Home-Best Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Tea Tin

Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Tea Tin

It’s hard to think of tea without thinking of England. This commemorative tea tin features a photo of the queen and comes with 72 tea bags of selected English tea blends, including English Breakfast, Afternoon and Earl Grey. 

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Home-Best Lily of the Valley Bottle Diffuser

Vivience Lily of the Valley Bottle Diffuser

The queen’s favorite flower was Lily of the Valley. This diffuser can fill the room with a gentle hint of fragrance. Besides soothing you, it can help you meditate on cherished memories. 

Sold by Macy’s

Kitchen-Best Queen and Corgi Salt and Pepper Shakers

Abbott Collection Queen and Corgi Salt and Pepper Shakers

Reportedly, the queen loved her corgis so much that she supervised their daily meal. This adorable ceramic salt and pepper shaker set featuring the queen and a corgi will bring a smile to your lips at every meal. 

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Home-Best Queen Elizabeth II Ornament

CraftelleryUK Queen Elizabeth II Ornament

This regal commemorative ornament can help you celebrate the queen’s life. It’s a handmade piece with a gold cord that will fill your home with warm memories every holiday season. 

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Books-Best Pocket The Queen Wisdom

Pocket “The Queen Wisdom”

We all have a lot we could learn from Queen Elizabeth II. This book collects many of her best-loved quotes, such as “Grief is the price we pay for love,” to reveal her wit, poise, class and wisdom. 

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Jewelry-Best Sterling Silver Round Cubic Zirconia Crown

Gemschest Sterling Silver Round Cubic Zirconia Crown

These crown dangle earrings can be a subtle yet empowering symbol of how one woman can change the world so profoundly. 

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Apparel-Best Queen Elizabeth Sweatshirt

Qurious Shop Queen Elizabeth Sweatshirt

The highly stylized art on this sweatshirt merges tradition with modern art to create a garment you’ll be proud to wear. It’s made of a premium-quality cotton blend and features a soft textile print that’s designed to last. 

Sold by Etsy

Books-Best Elizabeth the Queen-The Life of a Modern Monarch

“Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch”

If you’d like a close-up view of a woman the world has only known from a distance, this New York Times bestseller is perfect for you. 

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Dolls-Best Barbie Signature Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Doll

Barbie Signature Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Doll

What better way to inspire the next generation to greatness than by combining an iconic brand with an iconic woman? The Queen Elizabeth II Barbie doll comes dressed in an elegant gown and wearing a blue ribbon adorned with decorations of order. 

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