(NewsNation Now) — Youth sports are making a comeback after a nearly two-year slump during the pandemic. But for parents who coach, they can be an added stressor considering the daily routine of running kids to and from school, going to work, and then coaching a practice.

The MOJO sports app is designed to take the stress out of youth coaching with preplanned drills, practices and videos that are easy to watch and teach. By using MOJO, practices can be customized to each youth team’s skillset and age and can take additional stress off the coaches.

Credit: MOJO

The activities and content are designed by top youth coaches, childhood development experts and world-renowned teams, including FC Barcelona.

“The MOJO app is a game-changer, making coaching easier and less stressful with great practices at the tap of a button,” said Russell Wilson, chairman of NFL FLAG and MOJO founding partner and investor. “I’ve coached my own kid. We all know it’s not easy. And yet, coaches are so important. A great coach makes all the difference. Great coaches changed my life — and that’s why I got involved with MOJO.”

The app announced its first-ever “coaching content partnership” with FC Barcelona on Monday. In addition to creating content with FC Barcelona, MOJO will also partner with NFL FLAG to create hundreds of flag football videos from SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.

The videos demonstrate the most effective flag football drills, games and activities along with each play in the popular NFL FLAG Playbook. The coaching team includes former Buffalo Bills assistant coach and Team Great Britain linebacker Phoebe Schecter.

More than 82% of coaches who use the MOJO app say it makes coaching easy, stress-free and enjoyable — the app’s mission, Ben Sherwood, founder and CEO of MOJO said.

Sherwood, who coached his two sons over the past 12 years, said the app is meant for all coaches and players of every level.

“Working closely with youth coaching experts at NFL FLAG and FC Barcelona, we are excited for parents to experience the magic of fun, easy-to-follow, world-class training for kids,” Sherwood said.

Sherwood and his son. Credit: MOJO

Other MOJO partners include: SAY Soccer, Positive Coaching Alliance and the Aspen Institute’s Sports and Society Program.

The best part? The MOJO app is free for all coaches, no catch or hitch.

“There’s no catch,” Sherwood said. “It’s core to our belief that every youth player deserves the best coaching possible and every coach deserves the best resources to succeed.”

The MOJO app is available on iOS and Android platforms. The app is currently only for flag football and soccer, but coaches of other sports can request that their sport be added to the app.