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Electric bikes offer all the benefits of a traditional bike and look more like them with every new model. The biggest noticeable difference is the humming sound the e-bikes produce.

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The best affordable electric bikes

When you need to get somewhere and you want to enjoy the outdoors and avoid traffic, a bike is your best option. Biking is good for your health and for the environment. When you don’t want to use too much energy cycling, consider an electric bike.

The electric bike community is growing fast due to the affordability of some models. For the best quality and most advanced features, you have to spend more money, but some cheap electric bikes out there are still impressive.

If you want a basic electric bike or are looking for advanced safety, portability and convenience features on a budget, here’s a guide on some of the best cheap electric bikes out there. 

Tips for choosing an electric bike

One important consideration when choosing an e-bike is where you’ll do most of your riding. Some are ideal for everyday commuters, while others are made for off-roaders, leisure riders or bike enthusiasts.

Note if you need a bike that can fold to ease transportation and storage, for those days you need to ride with the bike in a car or store it in a small space.

Determine whether you want to use the bike for exercise, or if you only wish to ride on electric mode throughout.

Cost of an electric bike 

One of the most affordable ways to own an electric bike is by transforming an ordinary bike into an e-bike using a conversion kit. You spend around $200 on this transformation, which is inexpensive, but it may disappoint you after a while — regular bikes are not made to handle the power that comes with the transformation. 

Cheap electric bikes: These are the most basic electric bikes on the market. They’re suitable for trips to the store, the office and light riding in the city at 15 mph. These cost $400-$800, on average. 

Average electric bikes: These electric bikes are more durable than cheap bikes, and they come with additional features. Riders who want a bike that can serve them well in the city and occasional trips off-road should opt for one in this price range. They cost $800-$1,500.

Expensive electric bikes: The best electric road-bikes have advanced safety features, are durable and they make riding from one place to another enjoyable. You can expect to pay from $1,500-$3,000 for one.

Off-road electric bikes: These are the most expensive e-bikes out there, owing to the combination of quality materials, features and technologies. These go for $3,500 and beyond. 

The best electric bikes

Glarewheels X5 Electric Bike

Glarewheels X5 Electric Bike

This electric bike is for riders over the age of 14, despite its small size. It has a range of 18-20 miles per charge and has a top throttle speed of 15 mph. It comes preassembled so you don’t waste time setting it up and you can ride with comfort with its easy-to-adjust seat and handlebars. 

Sold by: Best Buy


SaferWholesaleCom 1000W Electric Powered Adult Tricycle

SaferWholesaleCom 1000W Electric Powered Adult Tricycle

This electric adult tricycle offers a smooth and safe ride thanks to its quality build. Its step-through frame and low standover make it easy to operate, and its rear basket makes it simple to ferry goods. The user-friendliness of this bike means it’s recommended for older riders. 

Sold by: Etsy

Glarewheels Electric Fat Tire Mountain Bike 

Glarewheels Electric Fat Tire Mountain Bike 

This electric bike has a built-in LCD unit that provides riders with all the information they need, including battery level, motor output, speed, trip and advanced settings. The MOZO suspension front fork can handle bumps and rough roads, making the ride a lot smoother. 

Sold by: Best Buy

Polesitter Electric Trail Bike

Polesitter Electric Trail Bike

This electric bike comes with safety features such as rear reflectors, LED headlights, anti-skid and anti-slip tires and a dead-angle disc braking system to ensure a safe commute. The pedal assist mode enables riders to avoid traffic and get to their destination on time, since its top speed is 20 mph. 

Sold by: Wayfair and Overstock

Haibike Trekking 1 Step-Thru e-Bike

Haibike Trekking 1 Step-Thru e-Bike

This electric bike has a powerful Bosch motor that gives the rider an easy time riding on any terrain. Its step-thru frame design is not only comfortable but makes it easy for a rider to get on and off. It’s a solid choice for daily commuting and weekend adventures. 

Sold by: Backcountry

Diamondback Union 1 e-Bike

Diamondback Union 1 e-Bike

This bike has a sleek aluminum frame with hydraulic disc brakes so riders can keep their speed under control. It has added features such as a 10-speed drivetrain and a Bosch PowerTube integrated 400Wh battery to ensure you reach your destination. 

Sold by: Backcountry

Schwinn Men's Vantage RXe Electric Bike

Schwinn Men’s Vantage RXe Electric Bike

This bike is built and designed for serious riders looking for performance and an excellent ride, thanks to its alloy frame and the aerodynamic riding position it demands. When you charge the bike for 6 hours, you can cover 60 miles and cruise at a speed of 28 mph. 

Sold by: Dick’s Sporting Goods


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