Former VCU standout Hunter Hoggart sat down with 8News to speak about taking part in the first game ever played at the Siegel Center.

The date was Nov. 19, 1999, as VCU opened against their former metro-conference foe, the Louisville Cardinals.

“The anticipation was great,” Hoggart said. “We were fortunate to get the win. The environment was just something that you’ll never forget.”

8News asked Hoggart how much has this program grown since his days at VCU?

“Coming into the Siegel Center allowed us to get better players and better recruits and it’s just really amazing what the program has accomplished over the last 20 years,” Hoggart said.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of VCU’s Siegel Center, 8News is recapping many of the moments and people that make the building one of the most intimate and intense venues in the country for college basketball.