CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — The Chesterfield Little League (CLL) is asking anyone who may be interested in being a baseball umpire to reach out — citing a large umpire shortage in the baseball community as the reason for the search.

On Facebook, CLL stated “the umpire association that we have used for years has informed us that they will no longer serve recreational sports organizations so they can concentrate on high school and college sports. This means that we will have to provide our own umpires for every game.”

The program has launched their own umpire certification program with in-house umpires.

CLL said while being an umpire is a paid position, they encourage people to do it out of the love of the game and to support kids who need them to play baseball.

“If, by chance, you have any interest in learning a new skill that will contribute to the local community and give back to the kids of Chesterfield, please email us and we will get you started,” the non-profit organization said on Facebook. “We will train you and prepare you to umpire in youth baseball games. These are paid positions, but the pay is minimal as we now need to buy equipment and support a training program.”

The organization said they have nearly 800 kids in the little league program and need the support.

If you have any interest in becoming a part of the umpire team, you can reach out to Chesterfield Little League at so they can compile a list of those who want to join for the 2022 Spring Baseball season.