RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – The Major League Fishing Tournament will be in Richmond this weekend. Events will be held Thursday, June 16, through Sunday, June 19, at Osborne Landing on the bank of the James River. Weigh-ins are being held at 2:30 every day at the landing. Fans and community members are encouraged to attend all events and witness the pro anglers in action on the James River and at the events.

Richmond is the fifth stop in this year’s tournament. The anglers started fishing in January in Texas. They will have one more stop in Champlain, New York, before getting the chance to qualify for the championship in August. Richmond has not hosted the tournament since 2003.

Daniel Fennel, Senior Director of Tournament Operations, says the James River is an excellent spot for fishing bass this time of year.

“Osborne Landing is a great place. We have a lot of events that run out of there every year. So, we’ve got history with the area and the people,” says Fennel. “It is a no-brainer. Whenever we are going to have an event out of James River or anywhere in this area, we will come to this area for sure.”

The anglers fish for bass between 18 – 20 pounds to qualify in the top ten for the championship on Sunday and a chance to win the $100,000 grand prize.

“This is my first time fishing in a tournament here, so it is exciting to fish a new body of water for a change,” says Bill McDonald, a pro angler in this weekend’s tournament.

McDonald has been fishing since the late 90s and said this tournament has allowed him to travel all over the country. He has also fished in numerous rivers, such as the Potomac and the James, a few times for practice.

“The difference in tides here was so amazing to me – there is a stronger tide here than what there is in the Potomac. The tides are always a big key, because you have to get the moving water to get the fish to bite,” says McDonald.

The anglers will start their day at 6:30 every morning at Osborne Landing and report back in time for the daily weigh-ins. The Major League Fishing Tournament encourages all community members to witness the anglers in action and the excitement of the weigh-ins. Find out more about the MLF schedule here.