VCU’s Siegel Center wouldn’t be what it is without many of the dedicated fans who attend each and every game. Fans like Chris Crowley, better known as ‘PAV.’

“I’m a big guy with a big-guy beard and I sing tenor,” explained Crowley.

Crowley’s pipes are what landed him the nickname ‘PAV,’ as in Luciano Pavarotti, an Italian opera singer.

Some call him crazy, but most consider him dedicated — a driving force behind the electric atmosphere inside the STU on game nights.

And he fully embraces his role as ‘superfan.’

“My wife is like, ‘are you crazy?’ And I’m like, yea!'”

Having attended more than 350 VCU basketball games, his sideline costume has evolved over the years. But you can always count on Crowley donning horns and cape.

“I appreciate the opportunity to step my game up as a fan, whether it’s in costume, or boisterousness noise,” Crowley explained.

Growing up, ‘PAV’ always knew basketball was in his blood.

“I’m a short fat guy, I was never going to be a great basketball player but I always loved the sport and I had something to contribute,” he said.

Bleeding black and gold for nearly 20 years now, ‘PAV’ started at VCU in 2001 as a student and basketball manager. Shortly after, he founded the ‘Rowdy Rams,’ going from behind the bench to in front of the stands.

“There’s a legacy of thousands of people that care the way I do,” PAV said.

For the last few years, ‘PAV’ has been enjoying life. He’s a minister, choir director and welcomed a baby girl, nicknamed ‘Pavina,’ who is following in her dad’s footsteps.

Despite getting older, ‘PAV’ still finds time ‘Wreak Havoc.’

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of VCU’s Siegel Center, 8News is recapping many of the moments and people that make the building one of the most intimate and intense venues in the country for college basketball.