RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — If everything goes perfectly, they won’t be needed.

But if their services are required, Dr. Deborah Rusk and the medical team at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway are ready to spring into action during Sunday’s race.

“In Indy when you hit a wall going 230 miles per hour it’s not a car accident, it’s a plane accident,” said Dr. Rusk, who is the track’s physician. “Those moments can be very scary.”

The caution flag is the signal for doctors and drivers alike to get to work.

“We get the yellow, yellow, yellow from the command center and we are dispatched and ready to go.”

Although COVID-19 prevention will be on their minds, too, the task isn’t that different this year.

“Our big role hasn’t changed. We are here for the drivers, point blank – end of story. Our role in terms of our response really hasn’t changed, in terms of protection, yes,” Dr. Rusk said.