RIDGEWAY, Va. (WFXR) — Roanoke residents Carson and Katie Wilmer are big Denny Hamilin fans. They have loved the driver of the number 11 car for years. Last May, the couple tied the knot and wanted to have their favorite driver play a special role in their lifetime commitment.

Part one was putting Denny’s name on the marriage certificate as an officiant. But on Oct. 29 at the NASCAR Cup Series Xfinity 500 at the Martinsville Speedway, they wanted something more on the certificate…his signature.

“Our first stop on our honeymoon was the Charlotte race and it got rained out. So on Monday when it was returning we went to Quebec so we have been waiting for every race since trying to get his signature….We thought it would be a great idea and we love Denny Hamlin. We have loved Denny Hamlin all of our lives and now that we are together we thought it was most fitting to put him on our marriage certificate,” said Carson and Katie Wilmer.

The moments of anticipation grew as Denny was walking down the isle signing items for the fans…when he got up to the Wilmers….he got an interesting proposal.

“It was awesome. It was good to see our fans coming out wanting me to sign their marriage certificate. That was a first for me. It is great. Especially in this area. I love it,” said Hamlin.

“It is a first for everything. That is what I say. When you come to Martinsville, expect the unexpected,” said Martinsville Speedway President Clay Campbell.

When it comes to the Wilmers and their future children, it is no surprise what name will be a candidate for their children.

“Denny and Hamlin…one for Denny and one for Hamlin. Both children are going to Denny. Probably not but you never know,” said the Wilmers.