WOODBRIDGE, Va. (WRIC) — Woodbridge, Virginia native, Brandon Brown secured his first NASCAR Xfinity Series win at Talladega on Saturday. The emotions were high for Brown after reaching a goal he has had for himself since he started racing.

It meant a lot to Brown to hand deliver the trophy to his father.

“I was overwhelmed with emotion, overwhelmed with the feeling of, finally we did it and, uh, just so proud to able to do that and deliver a trophy to Dad, uh, it’s something we, we dreamed about since I was 9 years old,” Brown said.

The strategy for the race was simple, Brown said, “When the 5 cars in front of me shifted to the top to block the top lane from building a run, I mean, that’s just when we got, you know, connected with the 31 and 22 behind us and, you know, it really like rocketed our car, towards the front, so it was one of those things where I was like, oh my god, the plan’s working!”

What is Brown’s next goal? A win in the commonwealth.

“Thinking back to like, you know, your 10-year-old self, like wow, I hope I get to race there,” Brown said. “And then you race there and, you know, it’s always bringing that little bit of perspective of, you know, where I was and where I am now, so it’s awesome.”

Although Brown has relocated to North Carolina, he continues to stay true to his roots.

“All of our cars are still being built in Fredericksburg, Virginia,” he said, “so, still racing in Virginia and still proud to, proud to be and, you know, it’s, it’s been an awesome journey.”