When NFL star Aaron Rodgers tried ayahuasca in 2020, he was apparently accompanied by another high-profile athlete: Jake Paul.

The popular social media personality-turned-boxer told Fox News Digital that he and Rodgers were together when they tried ayahuasca, a psychoactive tea containing the hallucinogenic drug DMT, during a retreat in Peru ahead of the quarterback’s 2020 campaign.

“He’s [Aaron Rodgers] more publicly known for speaking about it, but I was actually there with him when we did it,” Paul said. “We spent the week there doing it. Definitely share that similarity in terms of spirituality and reflecting and going into the deepest parts of the mind.”

When Rodgers appeared on The Aubrey Marcus Podcast in August, the 10-time Pro Bowler said drinking ayahuasca provided him with a “magical experience.”

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“I had a magical experience with the sensation of feeling a hundred different hands on my body imparting a blessing of love and forgiveness for myself and gratitude for this life from what seemed to be my ancestors,” Rodgers said.

Since Paul’s first loss of his professional boxing career to Tommy Fury last month in a split-decision, the 26-year-old has been reflecting on his life and the next steps of his boxing career. Like Rodgers, Paul also told Fox that he is planning to take a darkness retreat in hopes in examining his future.

After Rodgers took a much-publicized darkness retreat recently, he emerged and said he intended to play for the Jets in 2023 instead of returning to the Packers for his 19th NFL season.