RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Sports Reality Performance Training in Mechanicsville offers elite training for college, pro and community athletes alike.

The top program is a close-knit group under the direction of Sports Performance Director Kim Morris and former Hanover, Virginia Tech and NFL player Sam Rogers.

“Each year we have between 8-12 guys that are training,” Morris said. “We try to keep that group small just so we can get better coaching for them. We will take them through an evaluation first, see where their strengths and weaknesses are and then develop a plan to get them going to play at the next level.”

The evaluation includes taking physical measurements, warming up, and a field workout that includes a 40-yard dash, broad jump and more.

Then, it’s to the weight room to test technique with a mixture of barbell and body weight movements.
Rogers is involved with the EZDAY program, which is a mix of cycling, band and kettle bell training and high-intensity field training that is open to all.

“The mission of EZDAY is to build a community of people that go beyond themselves to encourage others and that’s what this is. It’s as easy as walking in at 4:55 a.m. and coming in and trying a class, it’s as easy as that,” Rogers said. “It’s conducive to all types of athletes. It’s not just someone who is in elite shape, it’s anybody who wants to get a good workout in and be pushed by good people.”

Rogers also runs a Next Level Training afternoon program for potential college football players.