MIAMI (NEXSTAR) — Super Bowl Sunday means football and food – two things Hard Rock Stadium won’t be short of this weekend.

In a city known for its array of cultures and flavors, chefs have been working year-round to capture the spirit of Miami.

Senior Executive Chef Orlando Morales is one of many looking to offer Latin-inspired dishes and a ‘mix of flavors’ from every community.

“We’ve got Caribbean, from South America, Mexico, Cuba, you name it and our dishes represent that,” he said.

Dishes unique to Miami will highlight the Super Bowl weekend menu. Cubano sausages, pork nachos, and shrimp cocktail can get you started to the tune of $25-35. Looking to spend more? Chefs hope the Pork Kan-Kan, a seafood paella recipe from Spain or the fan-favorite Porchetta suits one’s appetite.

“What we were looking for realistically, is how to touch everybody, how to put something everywhere that everyone could get a little bit of us and I think that was probably one of the challenges but I think we made it,” said Executive Chef Dayanny De La Cruz. “Wherever you go in this building, you’ll find a little taste of Miami.”

More than 250 chefs and half a million dollars helped craft the perfect menu for an expected crowd of 80,000.

“We’re talking about a thousand pounds of produce, thousand pounds of chicken, thousand pounds of pork, thousands of pounds of shrimp, two thousand pounds of lobster. We have to let the purveyors know because once we buy all that, we empty the market in Miami,” said Executive Sous Chef Javier Rosa.

Chefs hope to score big with their unique dishes.

“It’s about all of us in this building,” De La Cruz said. “I think everybody has put a little bit into it and that’s why we’re trusting so strong and that’s why we’re going to knock it out of the park.”