(WRIC) — Two weeks ago Major League Baseball decided to suspend their season and because of that players and staff for all 30 clubs had to put spring training on hold.

For Toronto Blue Jays first base coach Mark Budzinski that meant a return home to Virginia as he waits for the season to start up again.

“We were looking forward to obviously getting the season going,” said Budzinski. “But I think what’s being done is correct. There’s much tougher situations going on right now outside of baseball.”

As the coronavirus continues to impact people all over the world, baseball is having to adjust like everyone else.

“Obviously we want to play but that’s of much less importance than making sure everyone is healthy and trying to keep people isolated,” added Budzinski.

Right now life for Budzinski is about spending time with family and he wants to focus on that along with the health of others during a difficult time.

“We’re healthy and we’re thankful for that,” said Budzinski. “We pray for those that aren’t and that they get back to better health soon.”