RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Memorial Day is normally a big travel weekend throughout the country, but this year it’s a different story.

With gas prices in Virginia only averaging $1.73 a gallon, it’s tempting to travel, but it’s also hard to do during the coronavirus pandemic

“I’m not really sure if I’d be safe,” said Jay Gibbs, who cleans cars and houses. “I know I’m not planning to go. But, basically all year just been thrown off, just because of the simple fact of what’s going on with the circumstances.”

Gibbs said if he were going to travel, it would be by car.

“I feel more safer in something that belongs to me, than something that belongs to somebody else that I have no whereabouts or anything about,” he said.

And if you do drive this weekend, AAA suggests you check your car before traveling, especially if you haven’t been using it as much. They said your car battery could be drained, your tires could be soft in spots from sitting around for days, and you need to check your oil and other fluids as well.

AAA also suggests doing your research before you arrive anywhere to see what their restrictions are and if you’re driving to plan ahead for gas and bathroom breaks because some places may still be closed.

Jimmy Diaz said he flew from Sioux Falls, South Dakota and had thought about canceling his trip. However, since states are reopening, he decided to come and visit his family.

Walking into the Richmond International Airport Friday, you could tell there were fewer people than you would normally see during the holiday weekend. Despite this, Jimmy Diaz, a traveler at the airport, said his flight was still pretty full

“Random people sitting across from each other, some people asked to move, but for the most part it seemed like it’s getting back to normal,” Diaz said.

He flew from Sioux Falls, South Dakota had thought about canceling his trip. However, since the states are reopening, he decided to come to visit family.

“As the trip approached I was just like, you know what, I’m just going to take the necessary precautions and still take the trip,” Diaz said. “So, come prepared with your mask, hand sanitizer bring your own, and make sure you do your due diligence to keep yourself safe, and others.”