RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The Richmond Police Department received an anonymous tip about a potential mass shooting targeted at the Dogwood Dell firework show on Monday, July 4.

Community members, like Shari Wiltshire and her husband, attended the Dogwood Dell firework show on Monday evening. However, with the recent event in Highland Park, Illinois, they created an exit plan if tragedy were to occur.

“It’s sad. It’s terrifying,” Wiltshire said.

Knowing a massacre could’ve happened in their neighborhood made them question, ‘when enough is enough?’

“Why are we giving a small few, a fraction, the ability, the space to harm and hurt us continuously over and over again,” Wiltshire said. “What’s better for the greater good?”

With almost 10,000 in attendance at Diamond’s firework show, fear spiked amongst the community as this could have happened to them.

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