Hurricane Larry is a Category 3 Hurricane continuing to barrel its way through open waters. It has been strengthening over the last few days in the Atlantic but further strengthening seems to be limited at this point.

Bermuda will have to pay close attention to this storms and its potential impacts over the next few days as this storm could bring strong winds, coastal flooding and heavy rain by midweek. Impacts for the U.S will be very limited.

Possible life threatening surf and rip current conditions are possible along the East Coast. The outer banks may see some significant impacts by early this week to midweek. Virginia beach may see impacts early week to midweek as well. As this storm moves northeast coastal impacts will become more prevalent for the northeast and Canada.

As Larry continues moving through the Atlantic and past Bermuda by late week it will begin to weaken into a Category 2 Hurricane. Larry will have limited impacts to the U.S. in the form of possible dangerous to life-threatening swell in certain areas and dangerous rip currents.

Make sure to stay up to date on your beach forecast if you happen to be heading to the beach this week. For Labor Day Virginia beach will have a low threat level for rip currents and even through the week impacts will be monitored, if any.