RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Virginians will be on the lookout for bad winter weather conditions through Thursday and Friday. As Richmond buckles down for potentially icy weather this week, 8News talks to VDOT and Dominion Energy about what residents can do to stay safe.

In 2000, an ice storm brought along power outages leaving people in the dark and the cold. The storm completely covered roads in slush and sleet causing cars to wreck in the slippery conditions.

While dry snow can usually easily fall off power lines and tree limbs. Dominion Energy spokesperson Audrey Cannon explains it’s that wet snow, and heavy ice that can weigh down power lines and cause issues.

“Especially if it’s down on the ground, always assume that it’s energized and dangerous, it could be deadly,” Cannon said. “So, if you see a downed powerline, make sure that you stay at least 30 feet away. Make sure that your kids, and pets and neighbors stay away and give us a call right away.”

In light of a potential repeat of conditions at the start of the century, later this week, VDOT says they’re monitoring Richmond forecasts, and residents should too.

People are advised to be careful in places that ice quickly such as shaded areas, bridges, ramps and overpasses.

Dominion assures 8News that if power outages do start to pop up across the region, customers won’t be in the dark for long.

“We’ll be ready to hit the ground running and we won’t stop until every customer has their power back on,” Cannon said.

To help get power restored faster be sure to report an outage as soon as possible.