A winter storm will affect the southeastern part of the state tonight and the Carolinas. As you move west to the I-95 corridor, you will be right at the western edge of the snow.  It also appears that there will be a very sharp cutoff to snowfall on the western side of this system to where the zone of transition from “all to nothing” will be very narrow.

This is due to the fact that on the coldest day for high temperatures that we have seen in the past 3 years, the air is also very dry.  So, a lot of the snow that you might see “falling” on radar will evaporate as it tries to reach the ground.

A Winter Storm Warning Is in effect for the Hampton Roads area, while there is a “buffer” of Winter Weather Advisories about 2-3 counties outside the warning area.  Near us, this covers the counties along I-85 up to and including Petersburg and Hopewell.

Snow gradually develops/moves in through the evening hours and will have its greatest coverage around midnight when it can push back into the metro Richmond area.  After that, as the storm starts to head off the North Carolina coastline, we will see the snow shift to the east.

Since this is going to be a dry and fluffy snow, down by the beach it looks like they are going to get 3”-6” snow.   Back to west as you near I-95 and I-85 and inch or two of the fluffy stuff is possible, while west of that you drop off to a dusting very quickly.